Winning practices-Re-Thinking Business Innovative Strategies

African continent is a hotbed of growth & innovation and regional banking & finance industry is evolving in response to economic pressures, digital innovation and, most importantly, the changing way their customers use and consume financial services. So how should we look at banking in a modern Africa? What role will innovation play in the war for the African consumer and in the race to capture the remaining 57% of adults in Africa who still aren’t included in the formal financial system?

This will be the theme of the The Annual Africa Finance Conference 2020 scheduled to take place in Nairobi Kenya on the 22-23rd April 2020.

Banking Conference Objective | 2020

  • Inside Tomorrow"s Retail Bank- Winning practices for the retail-banking landscape
  • How fast Africa"s retail-banking penetration increases in the years ahead will depend on how bold the banks will innovate to overcome the challenges such as low-income populations, widespread use of cash, and poor credit-bureau coverage

  • Designing Banking for Africa- Challenges of a varied geographic landscape
  • Africa"s banking markets show stark differences in size, banking penetration, and use of digital technology, to name but a few variables. Is this a competitive landscape with clear winners & losers?

  • Digitalize or Die: implement digital banking solutions to stay relevant in the African market
  • With the highest cost-to-asset ratio of any region in the world, Africa"s banks must act now to create simpler, leaner banking models. Digital innovation presents an immense opportunity. But are banks better positioned to take advantage? How will this look like?

  • Adopting a Collaborative Approach towards Fintechs – Opportunities and Challenges
  • Is there a battle brewing between telecom companies, traditional banks and fintechs, Should banks collaborate or compete to achieve a common goal? What is the way forward? What is the best way to work with Fintech companies? What are the main challenges? How can banks come up with new models to stay relevant in digital era? What are lesson to learn from other regions in financial innovation?

  • Innovate on risk. African banking still has the highest cost of risk in the world
  • Innovation in underwriting techniques. Innovations in credit-risk management

  • Building Customers Loyalty through Excellent Experience- Going Beyond the Opti-channel World
  • Innovative Geographic footprint
    Innovative segmentation with compelling offers- Youth and Women
    Building a comprehensive ecosystem for SME Banking
    Listening to your customers
    Listening to your employees

  • Meeting Africa"s Long-Term Housing Finance Needs: A Journey of a Thousand Miles?.
  • The Experience of Digital Financial Services

  • Overview of the banking of the agri sector in Africa
  • Big Data and Digital Transformation: Where are you on the Journey?
  • Describing the data challenges organizations face
    Challenging the technologies available to win in Digital Transformation
    Techniques for building a data and analytics culture

Who Should Attend?

  Retail bankers (Heads and directors of branches, distribution, product development, marketing, cards and payment processing)
  Micro finance
  MFI, policymakers, regulators
  NGO, Development Organisation
  FMCG Trade & Marketing, Retailers
  Banking Technology Solutions Providers
  Consulting and Risk Firms
  Lawyers and Legal Experts
  Professors, Academics and Journalists
  Innovators in the Financial Sector


Inclusive finance ecosystem is evolving rapidly and Africa's banking & finance sector must adopt its business models.
  Barriers to access to financial inclusion - Is agency banking the solution?
  Regulatory and governance hurdles, challenges, changes.
  Financial technology solutions
  Dealing with local perceptions about banking and money
  FMCG, retailers, researches academics their role in Financial Inclusion?
  Client protection and credit reporting?
  Product offerings - Loan or savings? What does your client want?
  Real Value Creation - or how will that look like for each of the stakeholder
  New technologies for new business model
  Shifting from financial education to financial capability
  Lessons from the global arena - Asia and Middle East an Islamic Banking
  Financial exclusion doesn't mean you're necessarily poor or live far from a bank - Rethinking Financial Inclusion.

Expected Results

It is expected that this forum will trigger practical, regional and national investments in initiatives that will support the adoption of structural and policy changes to facilitate financial inclusion for all. Workable and implementable plan of action will be initiated and we are therefore inviting all the stakeholders to ensure their representation at this event. In the long term, it is expected that the event will grow into an rotational regional event bringing together stakeholders from across the region and globe.

Structure of the event

As standard with the previous edition of this event, ABFC 2019 edition will be a combination of an experiential conference bringing together different actors in the value chain with the aim of exploiting opportunities most conducive for connecting people to banking and finance in the region.

Alongside the conference, there will be an exhibition platform where actors can showcase products and services. This exhibition will also function as an outstanding deal-making where local, regional and international investors can engage and evaluate promising investment opportunities. Interesting and investable business cases will be presented by various service providers.