Institutional investor-driven demand for commodities, real assets and other “inflation hedges” is high, with pension funds, foundations and endowments utilizing these asset classes as healthy generators of returns and insurance against financial downturn.

  • Regional and Global Economies

A panel of experts give their thoughts on the long-term prospects for the regional as well as the and wider global economy, the impact on financial markets, and what impact can be expected for investors.

  • Demystifying Investments Industry

  • The Risk-Return Tradeoff-Are local investors too risk averse?

  • Have we tapped into the market well? Why /why not

  • Young savvy investors- how are we reaching out to them

  • Allocation Strategies

A broad overview of the investment landscape. Panelists discuss the range of assets and the investment strategies employed to ensure diversification. The panel also features a specific look at new developments in fixed income strategies, assessing their position within a portfolio, and the risks posed to such strategies by the possibility of inflation.

  • Protecting Your Portfolio from Inflation especially

This panel gives an overview of the future of the inflation, and examines the outlook for popular investments such as: •Commodities •Real Assets •Energy • Precious metals and Natural resources

  • Alternative Investments Sessions

    • Hedge Fund Strategy –What do investors need to know about the current regional hedge fund investment opportunities? In this session consultants and fund managers will outline the fundamentals of hedge fund strategy and current uses for the portfolio.
    • Spotlight On The Pension Funding Crisis- The panel examines the impact of the pension funding as an Alternative Investments and pension funding investment decisions.
    • Real Estate: Market Analysis And Investment Opportunities

What are the risks in real estate investment? Investors, asset managers and real estate developers outline the opportunities and drawbacks of the inclusion of the real estate asset class in a diversified investment portfolio, and examine the overall state of the real estate market, including some case-studies from the region.

  • Private equity

A look at the current opportunities in private equity, examining the role of private equity in a broader asset allocation strategy and liquidity considerations,

  • Regional Commodity Trends

This presentation examines commodities and real assets in more detail, and considers which particular areas are worth the most investor attention. How should investors approach commodities and real assets, and which particular areas within these asset classes should investors be focusing their attention on? Agriculture potential?

  • The Rise Of The Secondary Markets

A look at the current in the secondary trading in private company stocks, examining the role of this growing alternative asset class as part of a broader asset allocation strategy. The panel also examines market trends and drivers, why companies are staying private longer, investment opportunities in the secondary markets, and game-changing dynamics in late-stage private company investing.

  • Clean Energy And Sustainable Investment

Foundations, endowments and other institutional investors can generate returns through clean energy investment while affecting positive societal change. This panel outlines examples of clean energy investment, details other forms of societal sustainable investment, and considers any caveats investors should be aware of before including energy in a portfolio.

  • Exploring Alpha Opportunities: Small-Cap Equity, Municipal Bonds And Emerging/Frontier Markets

Potential for returns from small-cap weighted against the potential risks

Tax-exempt income interest

How should institutional investors approach the market, and evaluate the risk in government bonds? Where do the opportunities in East Africa region reside, and what due diligence should investment officers and trustees undertake in evaluating volatility and the potential for returns?

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