Innovations Disrupting the Insurance Industry - 2019 and beyond

Whether you are insurance or Reinsurance Company executive, a broker, a regulator, a risk-manager or an industry partner, AIRC is designed to address the many diverse and complex issues facing leaders in the sector.

Learn how your peers are responding to today’s challenges. Find out firsthand what’s working, and what’s not. Gain fresh perspectives on long-standing challenges you’ve struggled to resolve. You’ll be inspired by the innovative ideas and new thinking our panelists will share.

The 9th Africa Insurance & Reinsurance Conference themes will therefore be along the lines of :
“Innovations Disrupting the Insurance Industry - 2019 and beyond"

The Future of Insurance
Hear about the disruptive forces and tech-driven consumer behavior that’s shaping the future of insurance. This plenary session will give an overview of the regulatory changes needed to deliver more value to consumers and to ensure today’s insurers succeed tomorrow.

Global Insights
Global developments in the insurance arena always have a direct and immediate impact in the Africa market, both on the primary and reinsurance side. M&A, technology, global regulatory developments and emerging risks will be among the crucial topics discussed under this session

How disruptive are the emerging distribution models? Where is value being added? And how are they seeking to reconcile the aspiration for direct-to-customer sales with the complexity of our insurance products? Finally, what will personal lines distribution look like in the coming years?

  • Banc assurance –is this an opportunity for increasing penetration
  • Micro Insurance

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