1. The Africa Banking & Finance Conference- (the Event) is owned, produced, and managed by the Aidem Business Solution-ABS.  The term “Exhibitor” refers to the organization and/or person that applied for and has been granted exhibit space rental and such applicant’s officers, directors, shareholders, employees, contractors, agents, and representatives.
  2. Acceptance- The receipt by AIDEM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS- ABS of your electronic application will constitute a binding contract (the “Agreement”). ABS reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any company or product for inclusion as an Exhibitor.
  3. Booth- Exhibit booths are shown on the Virtual Exhibit Platform, designed to ensure maximum visibility and access. ABS reserves the right to alter the platform as it deems necessary, at any time. Such changes will not constitute a refund or partial refund of your space.
    The Exhibitor is fully responsible to design and brand their virtual booth according to the details provided by the platform provider.  Extra cost will apply where the organizer designs the booth on behalf of the exhibitor
  4. ABS shall have the right to prohibit and/or remove any exhibit, in whole or in part, which they deem in their sole judgment as unsuitable to or in keeping with the character or purpose of the exhibition. We will notify the Exhibitor in writing and detail what modifications, if any, are necessary prior to the prohibition or removal of the exhibit.
  5. Exhibit Space Assignments- All space is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis at prevailing rates.  We shall act in good faith to assign space in the location selected by the Exhibitor; we however, do not guarantee separation of competing exhibitors
  6. Booth Cost/Payment Policy-Exhibit fees are shown on the official exhibit packages.  All payments must be made 30days to the event.  If all payments and outstanding amounts are not paid in full by ,,,,,,,,, ABS  retains the right to cancel the Exhibitor’s space without further notice and without obligation to refund previously paid amounts. Any re-sale of exhibit space shall not result in a refund to the Exhibitor.
  7. Subletting/ sharing Space. No Exhibitor shall assign, or apportion the whole or any part of the virtual space privileges or exhibit therein, any other goods or services etc. than those manufactured or sold by the Exhibitor in the regular course of business. Sub-divisions, subsidiary organizations or partner product distributors that share space with a parent company will not be recognized as Exhibitors.
  8. Exhibitor Representation- Exhibitors earn a given number complimentary exhibitor registrations depending on their package.  All company representatives must be registered before the event.   .
  9. List Usage/Rental- A pre and post show attendee list will be provided 1 month to the event and 1 week post the event.   Further, to protect the integrity of the Event and the privacy of our participants, ABS does not sell participant data. Unsolicited marketing from third parties claiming to offer access to names/contacts of the “attendee database” are completely fraudulent and are in no way associated with ABS.
  10. Exhibitor Service Kit- Exhibitor Service Kits will be available through the Exhibitor Service Center (ESC) on the official Conference website no less than four months from the Event. Kits will include any amended or additional rules and regulations; display rules, schedules, registration information; additional information and helpful deadline checklist to ensure you are meeting all deadlines. 
  11. Exhibitor Service Desk- We will maintain virtual Exhibitor Service Desk, located on the platform throughout the event period.
  12.  Force Majeure Applies.