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    Nairobi, Kenya

    A shift in the humanitarian finance & funding model

    The Africa Aid and Humanitarian Finance Conference 2019 aims to create a forum for rich dialogue and debate between leading players interested in the opportunity to stimulate renewed energy and commitment to resolve longstanding humanitarian financing challenges and to identify new approaches and models of engagement to address the needs of humanitarian

    Humanitarian groups are starting to collaborate with the private sector on investment solutions, scaling revenue and pioneering alternative funding models and paradigms, but there is a still a lot that needs to be done

    Finance & funding is the lead daunting challenge for the humanitarian world chiefly because of overly reliant on traditional, donor-driven funding models. Industry experts are therefore saying that the humanitarian financing is both thinly spread and inconsistent. If this has to change, internal reforms, coupled with a radical global agenda will be needed to meet the humanitarian financing challenges of the future. A far wider ecosystem of actors will be needed so that the cost of managing risk and of responding to post-crisis needs is a shared responsibility.


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  • Fri

    East Africa Gaming Convention - (EAGC) is on its second edition in this region. It aims to meet the needs all the gaming enthusiasts in the region. This gaming & technology convention will be the leading platform for meeting with interactive entertainment developers, publishers, distributors, service providers, platform providers, localization providers and game developers, payment providers, multimedia, telecom operators, investors, government officials, and retailers in the region.

    East Africa Gaming Convention - (EAGC) is devoted to introduce a wide variety of educational and entertainment video games, online games as well as mobile games, education and information software, game related hardware, and next-generation platforms.

    A Technology Convention will run alongside the forum and will showcase latest phones, laptops, computers, tablets and so much more.

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