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    THEME : Adopting Best for Inclusive Lending For the Agricultural Value Chain

    According to expert reports, agriculture sector in Africa is the least productive in the world.   Small-scale and subsistence farmers, pastoralists, and fishermen produce most of the food consumed in this region, yet they continue to face a number of challenges.  Lack of capital for investment contributes significantly to the lowering of small scale farmers’ productivity levels.
    How can formal financial institutions provide agricultural credit that meets the unique demands of the entire agricultural?


    1. Financial inclusion and innovation in Agriculture·
    Inclusive investment

    2. Value chain financing·
    Building competitive commercial Value Chains

    3.Doing Successful Agribusiness in Africa·
    Enabling farmers to think like business people·
    Important Business initiatives and skills

    4.Public-private partnerships·
    Source of lending-public finance vs private sector funding
    Unlocking private funding- Partnership for effective financing

    5.The role of digital finance technologies
    Reduce operating costs

    6.Policies: Infrastructure & legal/regulatory intervention
    Duties, Interest rate caps
    Lenders expansion regulations
    Prudential regulations
    Dispute resolutions mechanisms for contract farming.
    Land rights-as security to financiers-women grow 70% of Africa's food but few have rights over the land they tend

    7.Risk mitigation
    Risks perceived by formal financiers (fear to lend)
    Risks perceived by farmers (fear to borrow)

    “Agriculture in African countries is massively under-funded”.

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    Villa Rosa Kempinski Nairobi, Kenya


    THEME : Demystifying Alternative Investment to Capture the Growth Potential

    The East Africa Alternative Investment Conference aims to create a forum for rich dialogue and debate between leading investors, managers, the youth and other persons interested in this exciting industry. This forum comes at a time when investors are increasingly dependent on alternative investments to generate returns in an era of low returns, propelling alternative strategies to center stage as a lucrative vein of investment.

    Capturing the growth potential in the alternative investment field

    This edition will, among others, address the appetite for different asset class, roles in the portfolio and how to ensure you make the most of your returns as well as how to spot the best opportunities


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  • Thu

    Villa Rosa Kempinski Nairobi, Kenya


    Theme: Building a Sustainable Digital Roadmap

    In today’s fast-paced world, businesses are becoming highly digitalized and work is highly distributed and mobile. A convergence of new generations of workers, diverse workstyles and fast-emerging technologies (cloud, mobile, big data/AI and IoT), is all creating new disruptive business models and changing how the world works.

    These factors are also producing organizational and IT complexity that is impacting employee productivity; exposing businesses to new security and privacy risks; and challenging IT to monitor and manage it all.

    How are organizations breaking through these digital transformation challenges across all industries to build a sustainable digital roadmap for empowering the future of work?


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