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  • Wed

    8th Africa Banking & Finance Conference ( ABFC )

    8:30am - 5:00pm

    Crowne Plaza Hotel, Nairobi Kenya

    The Annual Banking & Finance Conference 2019

    The Annual Banking & Finance Conference 2019 theme: "Assessing the Business Drivers for Banking & Finance Industry in Africa" couldn’t be timelier. The 2018 edition was held in Lagos, Nigeria and the 2019 edition will be a continuation of the discussions and a preview of the implementation strides made thus far, as we continue to push the Financial Inclusion agenda in the continent.

    Banking and financial services must seek ways to increase their mass and tap into the financially excluded population (which is more than 60 %). The agenda to deliver financial services to those that banks have traditionally not reached should now more than ever be at the top of corporate growth strategy.

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